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Mary Jane Leigon

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I began my yoga journey by accident. Literally! I was a “Gym rat” for over twenty years and one day…Bam! I was hit from behind in a car accident. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to exercise for several months. Then one day, I decide to go back to the gym. As I was running on the treadmill, I looked up and saw that there was a yoga/palates studio in the gym that I had joined. I thought to myself Hmm… “maybe I should try taking palates. Funny enough, every time I showed up for palates, it was a Yoga class. So there I was in a yoga class by accident. Interestingly enough, I was not taken with Yoga, but for some reason, I kept showing up. My interest for this ancient Art turned into a ravenous curiosity and I began searching every Yoga studio I could find. I took classes in studios from Granite Bay to Nevada City in search of this mystery thing called “Yoga”.It soon became my love, my passion, my new found relationship to self, through self. And to this day my journey continues. As I will always be a student continuously learning, exploring and growing in my Yoga practice.I am eternally grateful that Yoga not only found me, but rescued me.I received my 230 hrs YTT in 2015. I’ve taught at other local studios but they were not my home. In 2019, I began my journey at Eastwind yoga. Eastwind Yoga is the heart and soul of my yoga family. My teaching style is centered in alignment and strength building but I keep it light and interesting and full of fun. I enhance my students with lively music, laughter and love. Each and every time I teach is a privilege and pathway to learning, surrendering and giving gratitude to this ancient art and to the awesome humans that show up for my class.Mary Jane Leigon

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