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Adal Garcia

Teaching Style 

Adal teaches with the intent of giving his students a deep yogic experience. His training in Kripalu and Core Power balances gentleness with strength.   Posture assessment and structural alignment are foundational in his instruction.  His curiosity and openness to learning brings mastery to his teaching style.

Adal began practicing yoga in 1997 and certified as a Kripalu yoga instructor in 2003. His classes introduce and develop the many foundational yoga practices necessary for advanced yoga practice. He is dedicated to teaching yoga students how to apply and receive the greatest benefits from Asana (posture), Pranayama (breathing exercise) and Pratyahara (sense withdrawal applied to meditation). When these practices are applied correctly a natural release of deep tension occurs and the body settles into a restored vitality.



I practiced yoga for quite a few years before falling in love with it, I fell in love with the practice when I began practicing the eight limbs completely it challenged me more than I challenged myself. I became inspired to read many master teachers commentaries on these practices and the result was their perspective changed my physical practice. The physical practice has developed into a tool I use to observe the quality of my daily effort, when I perform postures now I notice if I'm legitimately fatigued or not and if so it helps me differentiate the fatigue physically, mentally or emotionally. It also helps me be aware the particular emotions I'm performing actions with. I believe in altruism and the practice of the eight limbs is a filter for me to engage life in this way more consistently.

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