NEW DATE ADDED Saturday, April 24th

2:30pm - 4:30pm

Auburn Studio

Saturday, April 30th

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Auburn Studio


Join Reiki Practitioners, Bobby and Karina, for a workshop that embodies peace and clarity. 


  • Reiki healing

  • Restorative yin

  • Guided meditation

  • Sound bath

In this soul elevating experience, they will help you tap into your inner energy channels that will revitalize, heal, and nurture positive change from the inside out. Practice opening yourself to the subtle energy of light to restore peace to your being as well as put you in touch with your own healing energy.


With a focus on providing energetic medicine, you will be led through Reiki Japanese techniques, gentle movement, restorative yin, guided meditation and an entrancing sound bath to bring deeper healing and help you uncover your soul's gifts and innate healing wisdom and power. 


We invite you to experience this ultra relaxing healing immersion that will leave you with a sense of personal resilience and emotional liberation. 


NOTE: Book in advance. Space is limited

Text Bobby to register 916.677.7825

$35 prepay | $45 day of

Venmo: Bobby-Uppal-1

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210 Riverside Avenue, Roseville, CA 95678 

May 21st | 3:00pm - 4:30pm  


Calling all dancers! Our next partner workshop is a prelude to our summer salsa nights. Join Bobby and Karina for a very fun Partner Workshop: Dance Edition!

Bring a partner, friend or family member for a fun, active way to spend your afternoon. Develop trust, improve communication, and most importantly, share laughs, as we explore the path of dance through multiple varieties such as Samba, Salsa, Cha Cha and more. This workshop will nourish both your soul and your body as you move to the music and dance to the latin rhythms. 


Text to register | 530-637-8029 

$15 per yogi | Venmo Bobby-Uppal-1

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May 13th | Roseville

May 20th | Auburn for WORLD MEDITATION DAY



Boy, do we have some exciting news... It's Meditation May! The month known for mindfulness and all things surrounding our wellness. 


This month, we are participating in a special activity- World Meditation Day! Join Bobby in this inclusive celebration encouraging people everywhere to take a pause and reboot. The nationwide energy provides a powerful platform to increase self-empowerment in yourself and others and positively contribute to global healing. 


We will dedicate our meditation to the greater good of our fellow humans, our planet, and to the natural growth in our lives. We are going to explore mindfulness together this month and look at some incredible ways to bring our heart’s deepest desires to the surface and into full realization. Our journey begins with Nidra. 


The benefits are endless and can be life transforming. 

  • Access a deeper level of inner awareness 

  • Increase the capacity for self-healing 

  • Release unwanted tension, habits and self-limiting beliefs 

  • Create a sense of self acceptance and peacefulness

  • Awaken your inner potential & restore optimal function for the body, senses, and mind


You will…

  • Participate in an intention setting ceremony.

  • Practice scanning your needs to move your intention and awareness through your body.

  • Reflect and learn ways to integrate this practice into your day-to-day life.


Nidra Meditations are offered twice every month

Second Friday in our Roseville Location

Third Friday in our Auburn Location



Text Bobby to register | 916-677-7825 

$20 Venmo Bobby-Uppal-1

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