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Yoga Styles


The Hot class is a static series which basically means there is a rest between postures. It is taught in a hotter room although we are not trying to achieve a temperature.


There are typically a few more standing and standing single leg series included in this class than you would find in a flow or yin.


If you like to move, this class is for you. The flow class is a series of postures linked by vinyasa (flow) and/or salutations (sun salutes).


With the pace of a flow class there is an implied different process of breathing, cardiovascular work, and heating the room.


The room is cooler in a flow class and the movement tends to raise the humidity of the room.

Our teachers bring a variety of styles and experience to their flow classes (PowerYoga, Ashtanga, Baron Baptiste, Rusty Wells, etc)…so you won’t have to worry about getting bored.


The general idea of a Yin class is to combine passive stretch with Hatha Yoga postures. In other words, this class will open you up through a series of deep stretches held for an extended period of time.


The room is typically cooler than a flow class but some teachers will bring in a little more heat than others.


This class is great for counterbalancing all of the compression and poor alignment our major joints suffer daily.


Restorative yoga is the practice of finding your way to rest and relaxation. It is a powerful tool to restore health and well being and is available for everyone. 

Restorative uses props and bolsters to encourage complete relaxation by offering support to the body, encouraging the para sympathetic nervous system to rest and rejuvenate. Poses are limited to 10-12 and held for 6-10min.

Poses Include:

 - Balance by stimulation and relaxing

 - Soothe and calm as the body lets go

 - Re-energized body, mind and spirit


A combination of our HOT & FLOW classes! 


VinYin is 45 minutes building internal heat with Sun Salutes and flow. Then 45 minutes of Yin to open/ elongate muscles and release connective tissue.

Biodynamic Breath Work

Biodynamic breath class is a transformative experience that integrates spiritual and physical growth that supports individuals to stand more powerfully in the world to release stress/tension, helping to break free from negative patterns and embracing their fullest potential. 

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