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Tayler Lee


I am grateful to have discovered the practice of yoga fourteen years ago, while I was in high school. This practice has been there for me during so many different periods of my life. It has been one of the greatest tools I have ever found to support my emotional, physical, mental & spiritual health. This is why I am so passionate in sharing it with others.


The classes I teach are creative, challenging, typically have a sequence which builds, incorporates nervous system regulation & are always paired with an intentional playlist.


I consider myself a student of life and I love to learn, I am forever curious. Outside of teaching yoga, I am an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist who works in private practice in Roseville.


I am extremely passionate about all things related to health & wellness. Anything that can help heal or make one healthier, I have an open mind & open heart for. In my free time, I love being outside in nature, hiking, camping, music, reading, traveling, spending time alone & spending time with loved ones.


Meet me on your mat, exactly as you are. The practice of yoga helps us to get out of our minds and into our bodies – allowing us to feel what needs to be felt, become lighter & more free✨

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