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Julie Murray

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I began as a student at East Wind in 2007 and spent the next several years drifting in and out of practice. In 2013 I fully committed to my practice, and in 2018 completed a RYT 200 hour certification at East Wind Yoga.


Initially I was drawn to yoga for the physical aspect, but instead fell in love with my deeper breath, quieting my busy mind, and the contentment I felt throughout the day.


This practice is humbling and it is magical. It challenges us to take risks. We are capable of so much! The strength and confidence you gain on the mat, the calm you feel, the fullness in your heart - it stays with you when you walk outside that room.


I am inspired by the beauty of life and the obstacles along the way. I love a good challenge. And to be able to accept that challenge and move with intention, strength, and grace? It changes you. That’s where the magic is.

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