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My yoga journey started with Hot Yoga. Although it was challenging, I fell in love with the heat and the asana. There is a special bond between the heat and the body in hot yoga that allows you to learn how to better control the breath and mind while the body is being challenged. It can be very empowering to discover various layers of the self while working through heated asana. Whether it is a familiar posture or something new and challenging, the heat will help train your breath to find ease and calmness as you explore your edge in a posture. What I believe is so important about this is that it helps you learn how to maintain control of your breath in challenging situations on and off the mat. What happens in yoga does not stay in yoga. The work, the achievements, the deeper understanding of self and the overall good feels permeate into all aspects of your life. Come explore the power of yoga with me in creative sequencing that allows you to feel challenged, supported and accomplished. 

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